Monday, 24 January 2011

The Stepfather

In class we watched the thriller 'The Stepfather' it is about a young boy that returns from a military school to find out that his mother is happily engaged to a man and they get to know another the young boy becomes more and more suspicious of this man.

The opening to the stepfather was very interesting scene for me as it created suspense by playing with the audience minds by confusing them by what is happening. The man starts of as he is doing his normal morning routine by shaving. cutting his beard,  making a cup of tea etc. This also creates suspense because we want to watch on and find out why he is changing his appearance it then cuts to a family that seem to be dead and we the know that he is changing his appearance because he wants to run away. As he leaves the house he gets a flashback of one of the kids screaming.

 Another scene which is full of suspense is when we believe the kids are going to get caught  looking through the stepfather room for evidence he his mad and a killer. We get a feeling of nerves to if the are going to get found but as he opens the door their is no one to be seen we then get a sigh of relief but he looks at the window which is moving and it builds up the suspense again because he knows someone has been in his room

Lastly this scene is when Micheal finally realises that his stepfather is hiding something in the basement. This creates suspense because their is suspenseful music and quick editing to keep us watching to find out more . Micheal however does not realise that he stepfather has woken and knows that somebody is in his basement. This creates suspense has we know he is coming but Micheal does not.

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