Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Introduction to camera: Skills

Before we started filming, we a had short introduction into the world of filming. We learnt about all the different camera's we could use to film our thriller film and we also learned how to handle the camera's.  To help us understand the world of camera's we was shown a list of rules in how to handle the cameras, some of the rules included:
  • Never leave the camera out in the rain.
  • Make sure you focus the camera in the right position e.g 
  • Never use the  zoom on the camera.
  • Make sure all the equipment is working before you leave college.
  • always make sure you have a spar battery for the camera.
 We also had the chance to test some of the equipment we would be using. We had to show that we could:
  •  Insert the memory card into the camera
  • switching the camera on and off
  • How to focus the camera
  • how to place the camera on the tripod, so that it is stable.
  • How to insert the battery

After we had our camera introduction and had the chance to 

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