Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Livetype and Sound: Skills

After we had edited our film we had to add sound to our film, to make it more interesting. To help with the sound we used a programme called 'Soundtrack Pro' which is only used on Apple Macs. We decided to work as a group to add the sound, this way each person got to contribute to the sound, and had a say in what should be added. I would say using 'Soundtrack Pro' was really easy and i really enjoyed doing the sound, better then i did doing editing. I think the 'Soundtrack Pro' programme is really as they give you a range of different sounds to choose from and they have any sound you are looking for whether it is footsteps or a child screaming. 'Soundtrack Pro' has it. When choosing what sound to use for our film, we tried to get the most accurate sound we possible could to make our film more realistic. I would say after using 'Soundtrack Pro' it really got me thinking about the kind of sounds i would like to use for my film and how i would be able to use the sound to make the film convincing and interesting.It also got me thinking that maybe i would like to do the sound for my film, as i really enjoyed adding sound to our practise film.

After completing the sound for our film, we was then shown a short power point about 'Livetype.' We was shown this power point as an introduction into world of 'Livetype.' 'Livetype' is a programme on Apple Macs which allows people to add subtitles to their films. You also use 'Livetype' when you are in process of making your title sequence. As we spent most of the lesson working on the editing and soundtrack of our film we didn't have time to test how to use 'Livetype' in our film, but hopeful in the next few weeks we will be able to add a title sequence to our short film.

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