Monday, 24 January 2011

Analysing Font

In class today we focused on font and how inportant it is in the process of making a film.
The very common type of font that many people use is called ' Papurus'

As you can see this particular font is loc tec, old , ancient and poeple could also describe this text as looking alien like , like trees , pirtates , treasure map and so on.

James Cameron used this text for Avatar because the characters are tribal, egyption and are intouch with nature. This font is acutally hated as it is branded and being 'to common' and 'oeverused' so with so much money James Cameron could of picked somethine different however the title ' Avatar' uses its own style blended it with the font Papyrus it glows withch suggests mystery it attracts audiences and looks more alienlike.

Fonts are broken into 2 fonts

 This is when their is a flick at the end of the letter this font is formal and is normally found in newspapers fonts this are Serif are Times Newman and Roman .

Sans Serif

This is when their is not a flick at the end of the letter which looks informal fonts such as this includeds Ariel and Cosmin Sanngs.

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