Sunday, 30 January 2011

introduction to cameras

We had an introduction on how to use cameras, as we needed to know what to do before we started filming. This was a great way to teach us how to create our film in the best way possible.

We were shown how to do everything, how to work the camera and even simple things that turned out to be extremely important.
Some of the things we were taught were:
*How to turn the camera on
*How to insert the battery
*How to insert the memory card and how to store it 
*How to set up the tripod and to adjust it to how it best suits you 
*How to set up the camera onto the tripod so its safe and stable so it doesn't collapse 

We were also spoken to about what not to do and what to do:

*Don't use zoom,use auto focus
*Never take the camera outside and leave it in the rain,use the right equipment to protect the cameras.
*Make sure the memory card is inserted the right way 

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