Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction to editing: Skills

The editing process plays an important role in movie making, so to help us get a better understanding of how editing works. Each group was set a task to edit the movie that they made, this was so that we  could get a sense of what editing is all about. When we began the editing process we used a program called 'Final Cut Pro.' At the beginning of the editing process, i found using 'Final Cut Pro' quite diffiuclt as i kept getting confused about how to cut a scene. But with some practise i began to realise that using 'Final Cut Pro' is pretty easy to use, as long as you know what you are doing.  To make our film the best it could be we tried to get a range of different shots like close ups, extreme close ups and long shots, this was so we had a good choice of shots to choose from when we came to edit the film. Overrall i would say the editing process of our film was very good, as we tried to combine everything that we had learned into such a short film.

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