Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Stepfather


 In class we watched the film: The stepfather. It is what you can call a typical 'thriller film'
There weren't that many scenes which would make you completely shocked to see  as you could kind of expect what was about to be shown to you.
However there were some scenes which attracted my attention and that were quite suspenseful.

At the very beginning we are faced with a suspenseful scene,we meet the main character in a strange but normal way. We are introduced to David (The Stepfather) in a bathroom, we see this shaving equipment which is a normal thing as men usually shave. As we begin to see more, we realise that he is actually changing his appearance which seems quite odd.

As the scene carries on,we follow David downstairs going to the kitchen to have some breakfast. Its just like a normal day, he turns on the radio playing a Christmas song and goes over to the kitchen to make some toast and to drink his coffee. At this point we realise something is definitely not right. The atmosphere then changes when we see the little boy dead,followed by his brother, sister and the mum.The sounds are intense and we get a knot sensation in our stomachs. This scene told us a lot about David in a way that we would know he wasn't a normal man as he seemed at first.  

Another scene which brought some suspense was when David killed the old woman across the road after she had discussed with his wife about seeing someone on Americas most wanted that looked exactly like David. 
We know he is going to kill her as he was not happy that she was telling his wife about this.  

The old woman hears a knock at the door, at this point we know its David coming to kill her. As she goes to open the door, there was no one there. As this is a typical thriller film, we sense that he is already inside the house and will kill her when she gets in. Tension builds as she goes inside the house and hears noises. We are relieved when we find out its only one of her cats that is a bit aggravated. However, both her and us are faced with David's reflection in the mirror which makes us jump as we don't expect it. When she is approaching the staircase,as we expected he kills her by pushing her down the stairs.

Finally, a scene that made me jump was when the truth was out and David tries to kill his wife, Michael and his girlfriend. 

David gives his wife sleeping pills, and when she awakens, she is shocked to meet the real David. He is shown to be confused as he doesn't know who he is in that house. She tries to run away locking herself in the bathroom as he runs after her. We are horrified when he kicks down the bathroom door and the mirror collapses before our eyes. He slowly approaches her with a knife and as he is about to stab her,she is brave enough and stabs him with a piece of glass in his neck before he gets the chance of killing her.She runs out of the bathroom and meets Michael. We are forced to jump as David is not dead and comes after them.  

This thriller film was really good and should definitely be watched. A great film for the thriller fans. 

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