Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Livetype && Sound!

I found it quite amusing, as some of the sounds were pretty weird.. But in order to find the right sound tracks for our film we went through most of them and experimented with them.
After playing around with the sounds, we decided in the end, that we were not going to add music, just sound effects!

The sound effects we added were:

·         Door closing
·         Footsteps
·         Heavy breathing
·         Phone ring
·         Busy traffic

After we added the sound effects, we re-played our film; and I though it sounded pretty realistic also that it fitted in with our film well. :D

Using 'Soundtrack Pro' I learnt how to insert music and sound effects. You literally have a whole variety of sounds to explore from!  
So all of you guys that want to add music/sound effects to your film, then I recommend you use LIVETYPE!! Its self explanatory, simple and easy to use! Most of all you can play around with it, and you never know, you just might enjoy it! ;)

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