Monday, 17 January 2011

Thrillers can be divided  into genres which are called sub-genres they all use suspense, tension and excitement as their main elements. For example

Crime Thriller
This particular genre focuses on creating suspense by successful failed crime or crimes.The films oftern focus more on the criminals then the police. Central topics may be aimed at seriel killers or murders.Some examples of these films are 'Seven', 'A perfect murder', 'Firewall' and lots more.

Mystery Thriller
This particular genre focuses on character solving or involved in a mystery. This included films such as 'Memento' 'Vertigo' and lots more.

Disaster Thriller
This thriller focuses on natural disaster such as floods, easrthquakes,hurricanes,volcanoes etc examples of this genre is 'Earthquake', The Day After Tommorow','Twister' and many more .

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