Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Thriller sub-genres

Thriller films are divided into sub-genres which all use suspense, excitement and mystery.
These elements are vital so that the audience stays interested in the film.
In class we also did a worksheet in groups and we had to figure out what characters and what settings would match the sub-genres. This was a great way to learn them as we done the activity.

Mystery thriller: This thriller involves a lot of suspense and questions -for example The Da Vinci Code
Crime thriller: This thriller involves the film to focus on the criminal and the crime rather than the policeman. It includes chases, murderers/ serial killers and robberies. This creates a lot of excitement-for example The Departed 
Phycological thriller: This thriller tends to be intense as it is based on the characters mental and emotional state instead of the physical- for example The Uninvited 

Action-adventure: This thriller involves a lot of fast paced scenes full of excitement-for example Salt

Disaster thriller: This thriller is all about natural disasters just like earthquakes, floods, volcanos etc -for example 2012

Horror thriller: This is the type of thriller which contains most suspense. A lot of scenes contain suspense.-for example The Eye

Political thriller: This thriller is all about politics and working with the government-for example State Of Play

Paranormal/Supernatural: This thriller includes a lot of suspense and tension, the character often has a psychic power/ability.-for example Paranormal Activity 

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