Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stepfather Review

We watched stepfather in class, and i would describe this film as a 'typical' thriller film. The reason for that is, although the film was really suspenseful at times, none of the scenes were shocking. Nearly all of the scenes were what you would expect from a thriller film, nothing unexpected or wow!
The most Interesting scene for me was the opening scene, because we dont really have a clue what is going on, but we do relise something isnt right.
The scene starts of with the delivery man showing the papers are cancelled for that specific house that makes us wonder why. After that we enter the house and go straight to the bathroom, were we see everything laid out perfectly and not an inch out os space. We see the main character completely transforming his self by shaving. Colouring his hair and putting contacts in. The scene is so normal; yet again it just doesn’t seem right, something feels strange. Then we see him go downstairs and go in the kitchen and have breakfast like any normal day, but then dead bodies’ just start appearing! We see a dead boy in the kitchen a dead girl in the bedroom and a dead lady in the living room. That’s when it all starts.
The reason this scene was most effective was because i think it was most suspenseful, as well as we were unsure what was going on and it just kept building up tension showing us that something is about to happen, but we just don’t know it yet.

Another scene that really pulled me in was when Michael was unsure about David and knew that something wasn’t right. So when David went out, Michael and his girlfriend decided to go through David’s belongings to find out clues. The part that really gets you worried is when David comes home early and realises that they aren’t in the pool anymore and goes searching for them. This is the part that really gets your heart thumping and makes you breath heavier and heavier and builds up tension, as well as makes you uncertain of what is about to happen. So when they don’t get caught, there’s a big sigh of relief.

One more suspenseful scene was when David was just about to kill the old women. The way they built tension in this scene really worked out well. Firstly when we heard the doorbell ring, and she checked, and no one was there, we kind of expected that to happen. Then when she comes back in and the cat’s starts being aggressive, that bit really gets your heart beating fast, and then you calm down, thinking it was only the cat. Then from nowhere David’s reflection appears on the mirror, that’s the bit that makes everyone scream, because no one was expecting it to happen like that.

In conclusion the film as a whole was very gripping, suspenseful; yet again it kept you really interested the whole way through. I would recommend this film to thriller lovers!

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