Saturday, 22 January 2011

Filming && Editing Our Mini Movie 'Bag Swap'

In order to practise using the camera and creating suspense in a scene through camera shots, angles and characters, we all got a scenario to film and make it look interesting. We got ‘The Bag Swap’.
Everyone was well excited as we finally got to use the cameras and start filming!

But before we start filming we had to plan out our scenes, we all got a storyboard and we put down the scenes we were going to film,. Its crucial that everyone plans out there scenes, so when you go out filming you know exactly what you need to film and were. As well as you don’t leave any scenes out and it saves you a lot of time.

After planning, we knew what particular shots to use in each part of the clip. Here are some examples of the shots and angles we used:
Low Shot

Over The Should Shot

Close Up Shot

Two Shot

After filming, we edited the clips using the program 'Final cut pro' to make them into a mini-movie. We mostly used jump-cuts from one scene to another to give it a fast paced atmosphere.

Final Cut Pro Icon.


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