Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Introduction To The Cameras

Before we start filming, we had an introduction on the cameras, how to handle them properly and use them. The cameras we used are professional cameras and they are used in real movies.

We first had a demonstration on how to do everything, and then we all had a turn to do it ourselves. I thought that was a very good idea, because it helps us get use to the camera and it also helps us learn how to use it properly.

We learnt how to do basic things such as:
  • Switching the camera on and off
  • Inserting the memory card
  • How to focus the camera
  • How to insert the battery
  • How to adjust the camera on the tripod, so its stable
  • How to adjust the tripod to suit you

The Three Most Important Rules We Learnt Were:

1. Do not damage the Cameras, take care of them & NEVER leave them out in the rain!
2. Before going out to film, make sure your equipment is always working!
3. Use Auto Focus, NEVER use ZOOM!

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